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Shikha Sundriyal
Digital space has given millions of people around the world to choose online Yoga over the traditional classes. Reason?
  1. Convenience : you can learn from anywhere as per your comfort.
  2. Hassle-free : no need to stand at the back of the class since you have direct access to the teacher.
  3. Cost-effective : save money on travelling, parking and studio pass, etc.
  4. Time-saving : You can save time AND energy from travelling and use it for other important work
  5. Access to world-class Yoga teachers : learn from anyone around the world, as per your choice and budget

For those of you who have been a part of the BMA Yoga method, you have already experienced the online Yoga with the BMA mentors.

If you haven’t yet attended the BMA live Yoga classes, that’s alright. You will become a world-class Yoga teacher with the recorded Yoga teacher training course content itself, since that’s the main part.

However, attending BMA’s Live Online Yoga sessions will give you the chance to sharpen your skills further.

Benefits of attending Online Yoga classes are:

1. Interact with your mentors in real time

2. Discuss and get your queries answered

3. Build a consistent self-practice

4. Train and get direct guidance from your mentor

5. Interact and network with other BMA students

6. Practice and Implement what you learn from recordings

7. Understand how to conduct an online sessions

8. Have a professional Yoga class experience

9. Learn tips and guidance to teach Yoga professionally

10. Learn to observe closely, detect and avoid mistakes in a live Online Yoga class

The online Yoga sessions with BMA happen primarily at 2 slots, 6:00 – 7:00 AM IST and 1:00 – 2:00 PM IST. There will be additional slots in the future as we grow in size. Recordings of these sessions are not provided because these are anyway practice sessions and the main recorded content is with you in the 200 hours Yoga teacher training course on our Body Mind Alliance app.

Of course, the Online Live Yoga sessions are not mandatory in the Yoga teacher training course, but it is highly recommended. It plays an important role in shaping your learning experience and your ability to better handle your own live online Yoga classes later on.

The big mistake that many Yoga teachers make is that they discontinue their own practice for any reason. This instantly reflects on their body and mind, further impacting their teaching.

Yoga teachers often find it difficult to practice after long teaching hours everyday. They feel little to no energy left after speaking, instructing, demonstrating and correcting asana, which surely affects their self-motivation to practice.

That is why we are giving an opportunity to all our students and Yoga professionals to continue their practice with our online Yoga classes under the 200 hours Yoga teacher training course.

You can certainly do very well as a Yoga teacher even without these classes but if you want to thrive in your own physical & mental health and your Yoga career, you must attend as many online Yoga classes with BMA as it is convenient for you.

In total there will be approximately 200 hours of additional support in the form of Live Yoga Classes within the Body Mind Alliance app, available for free, for 365 days from the date of Yoga teacher training course purchase.

This is an optional support which means out these 200 hours, you can attend anywhere from just 1 to whole 200 hours of training in online live Yoga classes.

Upon the completion of the 365 days, you can renew the subscription of these classes at the annual fee of 6000 INR for the next 200 hours of training in a year.

The Yoga teacher training course at the Body Mind Alliance is the smartest investment of 2023 since it will cement your physical and mental health and also prepare you for a world-class Yoga career launch.

Sign up now and get 3 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Shikha Sundriyal

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