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5 common Myths about Yoga

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Shikha Sundriyal

1. Yoga is only about the body.
Yoga fundamentally is the union of mind and body. The mechanism and functioning of the mind impact the body and vice-versa. Yoga is the method of approaching the mind and body as a single unit.

2. You can learn it through books.
Books are the most authentic source of information. It’s great to refer to books for support and cross-checking facts, but it is still most critical to learn Yoga from a certified and skilled teacher.

3. Yoga can cure everything.
Get up and RUN as far away as possible from anyone who makes such tall claims.

Yoga cannot cure everything. The human body is evolving every day that needs to be deeply studied. Yoga has unfathomable potential that’s continuously being tested but discarding modern science completely and only relying on Yoga for cure isn’t ideal.

4. Yoga is non-scientific.
Yoga is a 5000+ years old method of total physical and mental wellness and only growing in popularity for the most authentic reasons.

Yoga has been extensively put through various scientific tests and studies. Each time, the effects and techniques of Yoga have been proven to be scientific and credible.

5. Anyone can teach yoga.
Becoming a Yoga teacher requires a whole set of skills that most Yoga teachers are unaware of.

Yes, the unorganised industry and lack of standardization have made becoming a Yoga teacher very easy.

You can become a Yoga teacher with any certification. To be an effective, highly skilled and credible Yoga teacher takes a lot more and the journey begins with getting certification.

What myths have you heard about Yoga?

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Shikha Sundriyal

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